Why start a blog on One to One tutoring?

Why have I decided to start this blog?

The main reason is entirely selfish. Having taken on a new role at The Access Project coordinating the development of our tutoring programme, I want to get my thoughts in order. I find writing helps me do that.

Hopefully by making my thoughts public I’ll also be able to get others to take part in the conversation and share their ideas.

I will then steal their ideas.

Beyond that, tutoring is massive, and largely hidden, unregulated and ‘invisible’. The private tuition industry is huge, with some estimates putting it at £6 million a year. Tuition charities and social enterprises are growing and being used by many parents and schools to supplement children’s education. As many as 1 in 4 pupils may have used private tutors.

One to One tuition is one of the oldest educational tools, it’s widespread, and so it’s worth thinking about.

What will you find on this blog?

Some of the blog is going to revolve around my work. I’ll be developing training and support for volunteer GCSE and A level tutors and will use this blog to share ideas and talk through what I’m working on.

It will also contain wider reflections that relate to tutoring, centered around two basic questions:

  1. Does one to one tutoring work? What do we mean by ‘work’? What constitutes success?
  2. What specific models and pedagogical techniques are most effective in one to one tutoring.

In short Does it work? and What works?

As of yet I don’t have a regular schedule in mind. I’m sure one will develop.

Will I talk much about private tutoring?

I’m not sure. Beyond my experience as a music tutor, I don’t know much about private tuition. It certainly seems to be potentially controversial, or rather the distribution of it and the fact that it is not available to those from more disadvantaged backgrounds can be controversial. It is also in many ways invisible with no real regulation or oversight.

My natural inclination is to be wary of private tuition that supplements school subjects, not because I think it is inherently wrong but because I am suspicious of the profit motive being involved in that sort of education.

But that’s a tentative maybe, not a fully formed opinion. I don’t really know.

So let’s get blogging then..

Those are my questions and may aims. Now to write some blog posts…

Why start a blog on One to One tutoring?

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